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  • This price list supersedes all previous lists.

  • These prices are subject to change without notice, and some products and delivery services may involve additional charges.  To avoid delays and misunderstandings, you may wish to confirm prices by calling Customer Service at 518- or 800-436-6321 Extension 2620 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on any business day.

  • Discounts from these prices may be granted based on volume and/or other extraordinary circumstances.  Contact your Corcraft sales representative to see if your order qualifies.

  • Corcraft prices, to the best of our knowledge, represent fair market value when compared to similar products available commercially.  Corcraft reviews prices in this context regularly.


Shipping and handling is free for orders over $250.00 going to a single delivery location within New York State.  For orders of less than $250.00 per location, see the chart opposite for shipping and handling charges.  These charges also appear on the individual product pages.

For overnight or express delivery on any size order, additional charges will apply.  Please contact our Shipping Department at 800- (in NYS) or 518-436-6321 Ext. 2406 for more details.

Out of state shipping charges are based on standard common carrier freight rates for the level of service desired.  Please contact our Shipping Department at 800- (in NYS) or 518-436-6321 Ext. 2406 for more details.

  • Corcraft offers the following delivery services:

    • Customer Dock Delivery. Your shipment is placed on your shipping dock.

    • Customer Inside Delivery to place of use at time of initial delivery (but not unpacked or set up).  In addition to dock delivery, extra charges are applicable depending on the product and special delivery conditions as noted throughout this price guide.

    • Inside delivery & Set in Use – means delivered to place of use, uncrated, set in place, and crating/packaging removed.  In addition to dock delivery, extra charges are applicable as noted in this price guide.  This service does not apply to products where there is significant assembly required, for example, industrial shelving or installed lockers.  Charges for assembly or installation services are noted on the applicable product pages of this guide, and may require separate proposals.

Orders per shipping location for less than the minimum shown will be charged a shipping & handling fee as shown below.  Such shipping charges must be shown separately on your purchase order.  Failure to do this will delay your order.

Product Line Min Order for Free Shipping Shipping & Handling Fee
Replacement Keys
Engraved Signage
Janitorial/Laundry/Personal Care
Textiles & Apparel
Highway & Street Signs
Sign Posts & Grill Pipe Supports
License Plates, non-DMV orders
Wastebaskets, Dustpans
Bulletin Boards
Furniture & all other Products
  • Some products present special delivery problems, including products over 250 pounds or 96 inches in any direction.  This is especially true with passenger elevators – or if no elevators – are involved for deliveries above a ground level floor.  These conditions must be noted as special instructions on your purchase order and may involve charges over and above inside delivery charges.

  • Some products may be shipped UPS depending on weight and size at our discretion. UPS is dock delivery only.

  • All weights in this guide are approximate.

  • Before accepting delivery, you must examine the shipment carefully, starting with the packaging.  You must file a claim immediately on discovery. Advice on how to file a claim is available from our Customer Service at 518- or 800-436-6321 Extension 2620 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on any business day.

  • Receiving personnel who sign Corcraft shipping documents are confirming acceptance of the items and quantities shipped on the order on your organization’s behalf.  

Stock Planned Products

Corcraft’s stock plan enables shipment of our most popular products in the most popular fabric colors and other color selections with shorter lead times – a customer benefit.  Corcraft accomplishes this by maintaining a limited quantity of finished goods in inventory, or maintaining a supply of all necessary parts to build and ship the products quickly. 

Because an item is “Stock Planned” is no guarantee of availability because it depends on the timing, number and size of incoming orders.  Call Order Services for availability if you have a very short term need for a limited quantity. In the near future, you will be able to check availability on the new Corcraft Web Site.  The stock plan items are available ONLY in the fabrics and/or colors listed in each product section.

Stock Plan and Large Orders

The stock plan is meant to meet short-term need on small orders. Larger orders, for example, for projects, would be manufactured and delivered with typical industry lead times.



Efficient and fast resolutions start with having all the facts at hand.  Please retain your Corcraft paperwork, especially the Corcraft Packing Slip or Corcraft Acknowledgement letters.

  • Facts we need to have to help resolve issues.  Having the following facts will help assure the fastest resolution to any problem.  They are found on the Shipping Papers or Acknowledgement letter.

    • Original purchase order number
    • Corcraft shipping order number (starts with “CO….”)
    • Your organization’s/agency’s account number or code
    • Any other facts surrounding an event
  • Return of Corcraft product occur for several reasons:

    Damaged during shipment – Customer must file a complaint immediately upon discovery.  See above.

    Order errors or other non-damage issues. Depending on the circumstances, returned orders that are not Corcraft’s fault are subject to restocking charges (a common industry practice):
  • Standard products restocking charges....................................................................20%

    Nonstandard products or large quantities restocking charges..............................50%

Returns must be unused and must be shipped in Corcraft’s original packaging and shipped no later than 14 days from receipt of order.  Information on return packaging is available from Corcraft Shipping, at 518- or 800-436-6321 Extension 2620 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on any business day.

  • Warranty Issues

    Corcraft has a long-standing tradition of backing our products regardless of formal warranties.  Our primary goal is to satisfy you, our customer.  We do have formal warranties on all of our products (too numerous to list here).  If you have questions regarding our formal warranties or if you have a problem with one of our products, please call our Customer Service Unit at 1-800-436-6321, extension 2620.



  • Corcraft requires a purchase order or letter signed by an officer of the ordering organization. It must contain all information shown below.

  • You will get back from Corcraft an order Acknowledgment which has the following information:

    • Ship to address from your PO
    • Sold to (bill to) address from your PO
    • Item code of product
    • Description of product
    • Request & ship dates (when applicable)
    • Quantity
    • Price
    • Order total

The Acknowledgement letter is a critical document, which must be checked in detail to confirm that we have properly entered your order.  Retain this document because it has key facts that will help us resolve any problems.

  • FAX orders are acceptable, as long as the FAX is marked “This is a FAX Order. No hard copy to follow.”  If an original order has been sent by mail and a FAX sent also, or if your practice is to follow up a FAX with a mailed hard copy, the order will be duplicated, and is subject to a restocking charge.

  • Web orders can be accepted by Corcraft. A Terms Agreement for Web Order Entry is found at the back of this guide.

  • Packing Lists will arrive with the actual delivery – please retain them.
  • Cancelling An Order
    Cancellations of orders must be received in writing by Corcraft Customer Service no later than 10 working days after receipt of order.  Orders not cancelled or orders returned from delivery without such a written cancellation are subject to restocking charges as listed at the top of the column.


  • The products listed in this guide are commonly available, but Corcraft has the capability of designing and manufacturing variations, or even special products based on quantities, delivery, specifications, etc. See your Corcraft sales representative.

  • Corcraft offers many seating upholstery fabrics, but it is possible to use customer seating fabrics, termed a “customer’s own material” (COM) order.  To place such an order and learn of the requirements you must meet, contact our Marketing Product Specialist at 518-436-6321 Extension 2663.

  • Some replacement parts are available.  Please contact Customer Service for instructions and ordering information at 518- or 800-436-6321 Extension 2620 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on any business day.



Getting your Corcraft product delivered as accurately and promptly as possible requires an accurate purchase order.  Please be sure that your order includes:

  • Correct item number from this Guide, followed by the fabric color, wood finish, and paint color and number filled in.  The item code numbers and color facts appear in each product section.

  • A short text description of the article

  • Correct price. If you are unsure, call at 518- or 800-436-6321 Extension 2620 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on any business day.

  • Name and phone numbers of main contact person who can answer questions about details of the order.

  • Name and phone number of contact person at the Ship To Location who has direct and detailed knowledge of the delivery.  Not having this information has delayed deliveries, and has caused serious problems.

Special shipping instructions, which could include either a proposed deadline, some specific days for delivery, need for called-in notice of delivery, or special circumstances (no elevators, etc.) With any such request, it is even more important that Corcraft have the name and phone number, along with special instructions, of person at the Ship To location who will supervise the incoming deliveries and resolve delivery issues.


Mission Statement

Corcraft’s primary purpose is to employ inmates within the
New York State Correctional System, in real work
situations producing quality goods and services delivered
on time as required by the State of New York and
its subsidiaries at no cost to the taxpayers.