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Due Date IFB Number Category Title Description
12/17/2020 2:00PM 1159 Chemicals (for Cleaning Products)
Raw Chemical Material - Spectradet It is our intention to acquire a chemical which when properly combined with additional ingredients will produce a finished commercial liquid laundry detergent that meets the Green Seal Standards.
12/18/2020 2:00PM 1162 Upholstery & Panel Fabrics
Upholstery & Panel Fabrics Upholstery and panel fabrics to be furnished and tailgate delivered to various correctional facilities as specified within IFB #1162.
12/18/2020 2:00PM 1169 Scrap Metal Services
Scrap Metal Removal Services Removal of scrap metal from Albion CFI, per IFB #1169's scope of services.