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Prices are subject to change without notice, and some products and delivery services may require additional charges. Corcraft prices, to the best of our knowledge, represent fair market value when compared to similar products available commercially. Corcraft reviews prices in this context regularly.


After purchasing from Corcraft, you will receive an order Acknowledgment, which includes the following information:

  • Ship-to address
  • Sold-to (bill-to) address
  • Item code of product(s)
  • Description of product(s)
  • Approximate ship dates
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Order total

The Acknowledgement is a critical document that must be checked to confirm that we have the proper order information. Retain this document because it has key facts that will help us resolve any problems.

A Packing List will arrive with the actual delivery. Please keep this paperwork


Shipping and handling is free for web orders.

Out of state shipping charges are based on standard common carrier freight rates for the level of service desired. Please contact our Shipping Department at or 518- or 800-436-6321, extension 2672 or 2426 for more details.


Corcraft offers the following delivery services:

  • Dock Delivery: Your shipment is placed on your shipping dock.

  • Inside Delivery: Delivered to place of use, but not unpacked or set up.

  • Inside Delivery & Setup/Set in Use: Delivered to place of use, uncrated, set in place, and crating/packaging removed. This service does not apply to products that require significant assembly, i.e. industrial shelving, installed lockers. Charges for assembly or installation may require separate proposals.

Some products, such as products over 250 pounds or 96 inches in any direction, present special delivery challenges. This is especially true when a product has to be delivered above the ground level floor and there is no elevator. These conditions must be noted as special instructions, and you may be subject to charges over and above inside delivery charges.

Before accepting delivery, you must examine the shipment carefully. If there is an issue, you must file a claim immediately. Advice on how to file a claim is available by contacting Order Services at 518- or 800-436-6321, extension 2620 or

Receiving personnel who sign Corcraft shipping documents are thereby confirming acceptance of the items and quantities shipped on your organization?s behalf.


Efficient and fast resolutions start with having all the facts at hand. Please retain your Corcraft paperwork, especially the Packing List and Acknowledgement.

You may return Corcraft products for the following reasons:

  • Damage that occurs during shipment: You must file a complaint within 14 business days.

  • Order errors or other non-damage issues: Depending on the circumstances, returned orders that are not Corcraft?s fault are subject to restocking charges.

    Standard product restocking charge: 20%
    Non-standard product or large-quantity restocking charge: 50%

Returned products must be unused, and they must be in Corcraft?s original packaging. Information on returning items is available upon request by contacting Order Services at 518- or 800-436-6321, extension 2620 or

Having the following facts will help assure the fastest resolution to any problem:

  • Original purchase order number (if applicable)
  • Corcraft order number (starts with ?CO?)
  • Your account number
  • Any other facts


You must send Order Services a cancellation notice no later than 10 working days after the order date. Orders that are not accepted or orders returned from delivery without a formal cancellation are subject to restocking charges.


Our primary goal is to satisfy you, our customer. If you have questions regarding warranties or if you have a problem with one of our products, please contact Order Services at 518- or 800-436-6321, extension 2620 or


Corcraft offers many seating upholstery fabrics. To receive samples of those or other product colors, please contact your Sales Representative or contact our Marketing Department at 518-436-6321, extension 2665 or


Some replacement parts are available. Please contact Order Services at 518- or 800-436-6321, extension 2620 or


To reach your sales representative, please call 518- or 800-436-6321, extension 2605.


For billing questions, please call 518- or 800-436-6321, extension 2444.